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February 8, 2016
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June 17, 2016

Subvert The State

There is a great misconception in the United States today that somehow giving legitimacy to a system that has proven again and again to work against the best interests of the people will somehow result in a sudden and profound change in the political system of our country. It must be realized that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Take the moment to imagine if one day, there was an election and no one showed up to the polls. Imagine if one day, the President gave a speech and no one showed up to listen. Imagine if one day, the war drums started beating, and no one showed up to fight. Imagine the look on the faces of the establishment when the people no longer give them legitimacy or power, instead the people see the acts of the government for what they really are; things that if you or I did we would be thrown in jail as criminals. Imagine if one day, the people took control of their own lives and learned to live peacefully with one another.

The people have always been able to live peacefully, it’s just that those in power would like to make us think otherwise, they say we need them to stay civilized, to stay protected, to stay “free”. When we use the governments apparatus as a tool to exploit our fellow man of his money, property and autonomy we are indirectly using the guns of government to accomplish our own Machiavellian wants and desires. We live out 99.99% of our lives in a state of anarchy, it is only the violence or threat of violence of government that the law truly comes into play. Those who seek peace are ostracized by the State, the ideas of peace are dangerous to the State and those who benefit from its existence, because everything the government has it has stolen and everything the government does it does through force. The ideas of peace are dangerous, dangerous to the State and its parasites. You stop the taxation, you stop the subsidies, you stop the use of force, and look who ceases to benefit from this violent and perverse system. Those who are so hopelessly tethered to the hand of the State are those who will fight fiercely to grow its power and aptitude while claiming moral high ground. The State is working exactly as designed, as a tool of exploitation and plunder. What peaceful alternatives are there? That is the real question.

Waking up every 4 years in order to rally for the election of the least oppressive ruler only to fall back into a decadent slumber is not the way to throw off the shackles of perpetual debt, rule and plunder. This laziness is giving up your identity as a free, beautiful, independent human being in order to participate in one of the States rituals as a member of the blurry collective. If you really want change the system, start by becoming free in your own life. What is needed to achieve liberation is not to cycle through an endless torrent of despots who lie, cheat and steal in order to further fuel the governments stranglehold on our rights, freedom and prosperity. What is needed is a revolution in ideas, a new renaissance of intellectual and philosophical thought, of radicalism and activism that will set the stage for a new liberty.

It is only when we decide to cut the umbilical cord between the people and the State that we no longer need them. It is only when we see the exercise of government force as a farce, something that if a private citizen were to do one would be labeled a psychopath and thrown in jail, that we can see the State as the monster it truly is. It is only when we choose to be free in our own bodies and our minds that we will truly grow, prosper and evolve as a peaceful, voluntary and free species.

Statism is a disease that has permeated through the history of mankind for thousands of years, the cure is recognizing the human as an individual and not as a cog in a machine put together as a part of a grand design. Rather, the individual chooses his place and whom he associates in society and if given the opportunity can determine his own fate, free of force, violence or coercion. To recognize the illusion that is authority, is to author one’s own destiny as long as it does not interfere with that of others. So to that I say, live free, think free, and subvert the State.

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