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February 8, 2016
Subvert The State
February 11, 2016

Syrian Blowback

President Obama wants to arm Syrian rebel “Moderates” with weapons to combat ISIS. If you are violently overthrowing the government, I don’t think you are considered a moderate. Could you imagine if the Tea Party decided one day to start killing politicians, would the US Government call them moderates? Would Putin give them weapons and tell his people that they are moderates and he just wants to help? Or is this all a part of a bigger picture.

The US Government has a long history in funding “terrorism.” In parentheses because the word “terrorist” is very subjective based on who’s saying it and for what reason… In between 1989-1992, the CIA covertly funded Al-Qaeda with 6 Billion dollars and included Bin Laden as a CIA tactician, in order to fight the Russians, the US Government even called them freedom fighters. In 2011, the US Government armed Libyan rebels who violently overthrew their government during the Arab Spring. Soon after, the US Government equipped the Syrian rebels with similar weapons, many of which ended up killing innocent civilians and US troops despite the fact that these groups were made up of known “terrorist” factions, many of which have already sworn allegiance to Al-Qaeda and released footage of them torturing enemy combatants and civilians. Both the Libyan and Syrian rebels had publicly sworn allegiance to Al-Qaeda and other terrorist factions as recognized by NATO, but the US government continued to fund them. Now, we have ISIS, made up of the same groups that the US armed in the past, and it wants to send in more guns to rebels in order to fix the problem.

The CIA has a very specific term for this phenomena, it’s called blowback. Blockback is, “the unintended, harmful consequences—to friendly populations and military forces—when a given weapon is used beyond its purpose as intended by the party supplying it.” How about the US just minds its own business? Stays out of foreign affairs, and becomes a very narcissistic asshole that doesn’t care about the rest of the world? But alas, without government, who would keep us safe from terrorists who “hate us for our freedom?” Well, if they hated us for our freedom, it should be more like a mild dislike now. Remember, North Korea is an isolationist country, Switzerland is non-interventionist.

Immediately after watching Obama’s speech, the next clip was of Ray Rice punching his wife in an elevator, followed by the weather. I figured that was enough TV for the month. After watching 10 minutes of mainstream media news, I already feel less informed and slightly empty. Well, when you travel outside of the US, just say your Canadian.

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