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February 8, 2016
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Ferguson and the System

Every time a non-violent pot smoker is arrested, that is the American justice system at work. Every time a driver is ticketed for not wearing their seat belt, that is the American justice system at work. Every time a mother is arrested and her kids are abducted by “Child Protection Services”, because she let them walk to the park alone, that is the American justice system at work. Every time a new law is passed that grants a “free” service to one group, while taking money from another group under the threat of force, that is the American justice system at work. Every time a tax evader is thrown in prison for the crime of “not paying taxes”, that is the American justice system at work. When citizens weren’t allowed to own gold, that is the American justice system at work.

When the United States makes up 25% of the worlds prison population while only holding a fraction of the worlds total population, consisting mostly of non-violent victimless criminals, that is the American justice system at work. No matter what you think about the whole Ferguson case, you can’t deny that the US legal system is a morally decayed and intellectually inconstant system where the use of force and violence is used to intimidate the population into meeting its arbitrary moral and ethical standards.

Maybe Mike Brown deserved to get shot and the police were providing a valuable public service for once, maybe in a free society that police officer would have been locked up a lot time ago for psychopathically carrying out the moral crusade of the US government. If you think America is a free country, you need to reevaluate your philosophy of what freedom actually means. Every government is an oppressor, meaning everything government does it does through violence or the threat of violence, and everything it has it has stolen. Every law is enforced by the barrel of a gun or the threat of being kidnapped and thrown in a cage. What gives government the authority to do the things it does? The group with the most guns makes the laws, and the US governments has the most guns, and just like gangs, try to operate your own gang in its territory and see what happens.

Try to do some of the things that government does, next time you see an underage college student drinking at a party, pull him aside and tell him that he does not meet your arbitrary standard of being an adult, next convince everyone at the party to give you money to build a cage to throw him in, and if they won’t participate a violent group of thugs will be sent to their homes to collect the money. Afterwards, throw the underage drinker in the cage, and convince him that it is for his own good. Next, charge him and everyone at the party with supplying alcohol to a minor, and if they don’t pay up, they too will have violent thugs show up at there house and throw them in a cage. Will you do this yourself? No? Then why would you hire the government to do it? Apply this intellectual consistency to any law, and see how far you get.

Protection of life, liberty and property, the very few things that the public can and does enforce on its own, and the things that were the original intent of the US government, have all been long forgotten in the governments overreach for power. So when you wonder how in American society, a young black man can be killed by the police and the very government that contracts these agents of the state find them not guilty, are you really surprised? Is this really the tipping point for so many people, not the war on drugs, the war on terror, the constant redistribution of wealth, crony capitalism, American imperialism and degradation of civil liberties? But a highly publicized case of a black kid getting shot for robbery (guilty or not).

The Ferguson rioters are nothing more than the disenfranchised youth of the “what the f*** is the point” generation, looking for an excuse to go out and riot before returning home to say nothing and do as they’re told. Children growing up in a world without freedom and consequences, in a society that values the will of the collective over the rights of the individual. With parents that blame the failure of their children on pop culture and video games, instead of on their own depressed lives with their failed ambitions and their outsourcing of parenting into the hands of the government public “schools” aka indoctrination centers that destroy free thinking and focus only on the mind; the tool which has let the elite control people for hundreds of generations.

Perhaps in this revolutionary digital age, humanity can finally look past the guise of government for the people, and realize that they are the people, and the government is nothing more than a violent, ruthless gang looking for their obedience. I am not excusing the Ferguson rioters as victims as they are using violence against innocent citizens, business’s and private property, but they are products of the society they were raised in. They take after the government that raised them. But please do not take the actions of the 10% of protesters that are acting out violently and indiscriminately as representatives of the other 90% of people who are working peacefully to fight government violence. Likewise, please excuse the 90% of police officers that use violence and intimidation to accurately represent the 10% of police officers that provide a legitimate public service to the people.

TL;DR Version

* Victimless crimes are not crimes
* Governments are institutions built upon the use of force, and every law must be treated that way
* Fergusson rioters are a product of a sick society
* If you did what your government did you’d be in prison
* Violent, aimless rioting accomplishes nothing
* Mike Brown is really irrelevant


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