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February 5, 2016
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February 5, 2016

Battle of the Sexes

Feminists in California have shamefully made it a requirement enforced through State law in all colleges, that all partners verbally consent to sex by saying “yes”, or “no” before sex, every time, regardless of the seriousness or conditions of a relationship. This is an act of creating predators and victims out of the otherwise non-violent “crime” of having sex. I think taking Dave Chapelle’s idea of having your partner sign a “love contract” isn’t such a bad idea if you live in California, for any entrepreneurs out there, consider this your next start up. The liberal motto of “keeping conservatives out of your bedroom” has really lost it’s meaning, but I can say the same about all partisan politics nowadays. The fact that feminism is infantilizing women can’t be a cause for equality, but rather for foregoing personal responsibility and accountability when it comes to having sex. True “Progress” would be teaching women how to protect themselves against psychopathic losers that undeniably exist in human society, it seems that the feminists solution to the problem of the over hysterically hyped “rape culture” is to increase the gray area defining rape and let the “victim” decide, even though the “victim” could as easily of been the “predator” in an undeniably large amount of cases.

I don’t deny rape is a serious topic, but this law seems to marginalize rape by suggesting the simple solution of mandating, under penalty of arrest and imprisonment, that the mere act of not consenting to sex by saying “yes” or reaffirmation implictly said every step of the way will result in sexual assualt. This in my opinion, is insulting to real rape victims versus those who regret having sex later and decide to report it. I don’t know about you, but “consenting” and “voluntary”, seems to mean something completely different to liberals. Forcing non-constituents to go through the process of asking their partner for permission, no matter what the relationship or mood of the situation is, is the very definition of force. But despite this intellectual hypocrisy, the law is still very hypocritical and vague on its own. It defines that if one person is drunk or not sober, then by default that person can not give consent. Sex and alcohol goes as hand in hand as college and alcohol, so I guess if both parties are drunk that means no one is giving consent? And do lawmakers really expect college student’s to self-enforce this law? If it was, I can guarantee you the State of California will be without a population in 100 years, because nothing ruins the mood faster than having to constantly ask permission. At least that’s what Laci Green promotes, a very popular feminist YouTuber that is a huge proponent of the new law.

What this law really seems to do, is assume that human civilization can be made into a utopia by tweaking the social and behavioural constructs of society with a few laws. The truth is, there will always be sociopaths who are operating on an immature level of the masculine who will commit acts of violence. The masculine is not to blame, the inability for men to grow into the mature masculine in an an insecure and sick society combined with psychological problems is what results in sociopathic losers which have existed in every human civilization since the beginning of mankind. The same goes for the immature feminine that can’t seem to grasp that civilization is a thin veil over a savage and unforgiving wilderness. Creating greater gray areas through new laws will not stop more crimes, but it will create more victims. Freedom is what matures and grows a civilization, feminism used to be about freedom, but freedom comes with the need for personal responsibility of ones own safety and associations. True feminism would be advocating for such personal safety and responsibility, not for government (an institution largely run by men ironically), for assistance in creating laws that marginalize the issue and set the precedent that the world’s woes can be solved with a few more laws while ignoring the realities.

If women are so helpless and insecure, then perhaps they are not equal to men? But I don’t believe this is true, I believe that feminists are a small percentage of the population and that true feminism, or anti-feminism, celebrates the diversity between the masculine and feminine while assuming equal responsibility as caretakers of mankind’s freedom, all the while promoting mutual-respect between both sexes. That to me is real feminism/anti-feminism. To me, modern day feminism is the immature feminine blaming the masculine for all its problems, while also blaming women who choose to not have a career and chasing CEO positions in corporations or dangerous jobs, but rather stay at home and raise a family as holding back the movement because they are not acting like men. Feminism ironically tries to punish men for being men but also punishes women for not being more like men. Let’s all grow up as a species and realize the importance for each gender, understand each other a little bit better, and realize that the difference in chromosomes does not divide us as a species, but combines us in duality as something much more divine.

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