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February 5, 2016
Battle of the Sexes
February 5, 2016

LA Fitness

My experience so far at LA fitness, no one will rerack their weights. Because Juicedmcmuscle magnet and the boys, think its okay to live on bench press island and surround themselves in a sea of dumbells. So everytime I need a new set of dumbells, I have to dodge weights being thrown on the floor like cigarette butts in testosterone fueled fits of fury. If their was an LA fitness in Moses’s time, their would be a commandment that says “thou shalt rerack thy weights.” If the founding fathers pumped iron in their day, there would be a constitutional amendment for that too. If their was a gym in Ghandis hometown, he would have no qaulms about using violence against those who do not re rack. If Fight Club had a bench press, the first rule of Fight Club would be to re rack your damn weights. If Aunold Schwartzenegar was in a gym and he had all the weights on the floor around him, you dont say a damn thing, because hes Aunold Schwartenegar and you should be honored to even be sharing the same benching space with him. But your not Aunold, so do dont pretend to be. I pay as much as you do for a gym membership, and I dont want to spend anymore time in the gym then I have too. So spending 3 minutes between sets to stalk the weight rack for a set of dumbbells pacing around like the creature from Predator only to find that you have them pyramid stacked next to you is not cool. Re rack your weights, why wouldn’t you? “Re rack your weights, not only will it make you stronger but you will look sexier naked.” – LA fitness employee.

End Rant.

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