The Obama Administration Obituary

Do What You Fear The Most
October 20, 2016
The Problem of Power
February 20, 2017

The Obama Administration Obituary

Soon ends a period of one man’s conquest for death and destruction at the helm of the largest military in the world. He promised peace, he promised change, and delivered neither. Under the Obama Administration we have seen bombs dropped in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and the Philippines. We have seen a further deterioration of civil liberties with the re-signing of the PATRIOT ACT and the introduction of the NDAA. Under the Obama Administration the US continues to make the near-sighted decision to continue arming and training US backed “moderate” rebels who had pledged their allegiance with Al-Qaeda, the same group of people the US helped arm and train from 1989-1992 at the tune of 6 billion dollars, in order to overthrow democratically elected governments. The US Government intentionally created ISIS under the Obama Administration in order to achieve geopolitical goals, just as it had done similarly in the past. We have seen the prosecution of whistle blowers such as Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden whom are the true heroes, not government, which the Administration had promised protection. Under Obama the US government gave the green light to execute a US citizen without trial or any kind of constitutional protection, for the first time in US history.

The US economy has continued to falter under the weight of exuberant government intervention and monetary policy while civil rights have been stripped away under the guise of security. We have seen bailouts to the banksters, the true gangsters of the world, socialized by the American taxpayer under TARP. There has been no prosecutions for the 2008 housing crisis and the very same practices are being continued today. We have seen the Federal Reserve continue to go un-audited; while the Presidential appointee to the Fed, Janet Yellen, continues the typical Fed monetary policies that create inflation and devalue the very currency we hold in our wallets and in our savings account at an alarming rate. The War on Drugs, which in a hundred years will be looked at the same way we view slavery, is still inhumanely treating non-violent drug users as criminals and lining the American prison system despite campaign promises otherwise. Businesses continue to collude with the government, inching the United States ever closer towards fascism, with Obama’s top campaign donors receiving billions of dollars in Federal loans as well as the institution of the Affordable Care Act, which benefits a conglomerate of large insurance companies whom wrote the law. We have seen the end of Wet-Foot-Dry-Foot, ending the last lifeline of hope for Cubans seeking an escape from Communism, while doing nothing to streamline the extremely convoluted immigration system which forces immigrants to enter the country dangerously or through risky loopholes.

This does not fully highlight the failings of the Federal Government nor the failings of the Obama Administration. Certainly, the end of 8 years will mark the end of one man and his administration, but it will be the beginning for another tyrant to stand up and take hold. The problem isn’t the person in office, it is the system that supports him. I don’t need a President and We the People no longer need an all-powerful, omnipotent, Federal Government which steals our income and uses it to bomb, raze and destroy. The Federal Government ought to be limited or abolished, the system of violence ought to be a footnote of history and the people in charge who have instituted this system ought to be prosecuted. Donald Trump will be a disappointment to all whom view him as a populist messiah that will bring forth a new age of peace and prosperity, he is an unprincipled man, and I do not trust unprincipled men. The only solution is to bring power back to the individual, only then can we forge our own destinies with the dross and slag of the State cast aside. Only then will we be truly Free.

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