Inject It, Or Else (A Libertarian Perspective on Compulsory Vaccinations)
August 31, 2016
The March of Tyranny
September 2, 2016

Anti-Social Media

Everyone is so use to their mental junk food, their instant connection to social media, and their insatiable lust for virtual validation, that finding people who are still in the profundities of life are fewer and farer between. I honestly believe people are AFRAID of engaging in meaningful discourse, because the mainstream use of social media has programmed people to communicate in tidbits of information, memes, updates fueled mostly by narcissism. People have forgotten how to communicate and are slowly turning socially autistic, with a smartphone in hand, we are losing the human connection for a virtual one. Like rats hitting the dopamine button for one more like, one more status update, one more share. How often do we engage with each other, with strangers, even with ourselves without the need for validation but a genuine interest with what we’re engaging in. Technology is evolving, but humans are not evolving fast enough to keep pace. My greatest fear is that human connection will become a casualty in our more “connected” world. The art of conversation, of engaging strangers and making friends and influencing people may be reserved to fewer and fewer as time goes on. We cannot forget our humanity lays in connecting with ourselves and others, technology is just a bridge to bring us together, not a connection.

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