Gratitude to Succeed

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February 8, 2016
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Gratitude to Succeed

No one will ever appreciate you as much as you think they should. They might see all of your efforts, acknowledge what you do, and even respect the sacrifices you’ve made, but it is impossible for them to ever FEEL the visceral turmoil that goes into your work.

The sharp head aches, sorrowful heart breaks and relentless stomach pain is ALL YOURS. The self denial, spiritual battles and physical pain of sleepless nights is ALL YOURS. The labored breathing, muscle cramping, and impulse restraint is ALL YOURS.

And what makes this even more challenging is that it’s also impossible for anyone to ever truly relish in your victories along side you. They might see the fruits of your labors, acknowledge a job well done, and even benefit from your work, but it is impossible for them to ever FEEL the visceral turmoil that goes into your work.

I venture to say that the list of joys and pleasures in victory pale in comparison to the level of sacrifice given to achieve it. When you reach one summit, it is natural to seek one higher… and the people in your world will accept nothing less of you!

You will be under-appreciated because you are a living sacrifice. The seed gives his life for the tree and its fruit; the animal who eats the fruit gives his life to nourish man; and you grow stronger so that you may empower more souls.

You will never comprehend the level of appreciation deserved by the seed, the tree, the fruit and the animal who was sacrificed for you. The only sensible way, is to be in full sacrificial-service to the bodies and souls in your world, and instead of seeking appreciation, find the joy in giving your blood… and hold gratitude for the blood that feeds you.

In this way the cycle of life moves forward with grace, allow your sacrifice to add to its momentum. There is no greater reward than a life fully lived. No money, trophy, kind word, or pat on your back will ever embody the feeling that “Yes, I gave it my all and held nothing back”, upon lowering your eyelids on the final blink. – Elliott Hulse

“This cup is the new promise made with my blood. Every time you drink from it, do it to remember me.” -The Anointed One

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